Fatherly Justice Association is here to help. 

Our mission is to supporting fathers in their quest for equal parenting time and rights

We offer affordable legal services through document preparation assistance legal coaching, and educational resources that are accessible online and in person 

We rely on donations from supporters, grants and from foundations, fundraising events to achieve our mission. 

Our board of directors ensures financial accountability and transparency, and we have volunteers such as law students, paralegals, and attorneys who are passionate about helping fathers navigate the family court system.

We also engage in outreach efforts to spread awareness about our services to fathers who may benefit from them.

At Fatherly Justice Association we care about the mental health of our clients and offer referrals to reputable mental health organizations. 

We also provide guidance and resources for parenting issues. We are committed to assisting fathers with their challenges and helping them lead healthy fulfilling lives.

 By supporting us, you can make a positive impact on the lives of fathers and their children.

Join us in our mission we are passionate about supporting fathers in their quest for equal parenting time and rights. 

We believe that every parent should have equal access to their children, and that fathers play a critical role in their children’s development. 

With our help, we can teach you how to advocate for yourself in the Family Court system and find the resources you need to achieve your goals. 

Our mission is to empower you to become a knowledgeable and confident advocate for equal parenting time and rights, so that both you and your children can enjoy the benefits of a strong and healthy relationship. 

Let us be your guide on this journey towards equality and empower men

phone number  954-326-6655

email  info@fatherlyjusticeassociation.org

Mario  Diaz   CoFounder 

Mario Diaz is a devoted father of three and a loving husband, known for his exceptional work ethic and dedication. With over 10 years of experience in the medical industry, Mario has excelled as an office manager, ensuring smooth operations and efficient administration.

In addition to his medical career, Mario also has an impressive background in medical supplies retail management, with over 7 years of experience. His exceptional leadership skills have allowed him to excel in this role, consistently driving sales and ensuring customer satisfaction.

But Mario’s talents do not stop there. He has also delved into the culinary industry, spending three years honing his culinary skills and exploring his passion for food. This diverse experience demonstrates his versatility and adaptability in different professional settings.

Beyond his professional achievements, Mario is also a founding board member of the Fatherly Justice Association, an organization dedicated to supporting fathers navigating the family court system. Mario’s commitment to helping others and advocating for fathers’ rights is truly commendable.

Throughout his journey, Mario Diaz has shown relentless dedication, a strong work ethic, and a genuine desire to make a positive impact on those around him. He continues to inspire and uplift others with his kindness, compassion, and unwavering support.

Ada Valdez              Clerk

Ada Valdes is an accomplished board member who brings a wealth of experience to her role. With an impressive background in law enforcement, Ada served the Suffolk County Sheriff Department for seven years, where she developed a deep understanding of the justice system and its intricacies. Her dedication and diligence led her to join the Massachusetts trial court, where she has been making significant contributions for the past two years.

What sets Ada apart is not only her professional accomplishments, but also her personal journey. As a mother of three, she has overcome great challenges, including experiencing homelessness and being on probation herself. These difficult experiences have shaped her into a compassionate and resilient individual, fully aware of the struggles faced by those within the justice system.

Ada’s firsthand understanding of the transformative power of support and empathy drives her commitment to serving the community. Her personal experiences have instilled a unique perspective and a desire to uplift and empower others facing similar hardships.

In addition to her impressive career and personal triumphs, Ada is known for her strong work ethic, her dedication to fairness and justice, and her ability to connect with people from all walks of life. Ada Valdes is truly an inspiring individual who brings both expertise and compassion to her role as a board member

Samuel Villegas Treasurer

Samuel Villegas, a dedicated board member of the Fatherly Justice Association, an influential organization that supports fathers navigating the complexities of the family court system. With a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology/Criminal Justice, Samuel brings valuable expertise to the association.

With an impressive 23-year career in law enforcement and physical security, Samuel has developed an intricate understanding of the legal system, particularly in the areas of juvenile corrections, parole, probation, and project management.

Starting off as a police officer in Maryland, Samuel transitioned into roles as a parole and probation agent, gaining hands-on experience working with juveniles in corrections facilities. This experience gave him firsthand insight into the challenges faced by fathers within the justice system.

As a father himself to a two-year-old, Samuel personally understands the struggles and frustrations that fathers encounter while navigating the family court system. Recognizing the importance of supporting fathers in their pursuit of justice and fair treatment, Samuel joined the Fatherly Justice Association. Through his involvement, he actively advocates for fathers’ rights, emphasizing the significance of family cohesion and providing resources for fathers to rebuild and strengthen their relationships with their children.

Samuel Villegas is a passionate advocate for reforming family court systems, tirelessly working to ensure that fathers receive a fair chance to actively participate in their children’s lives. His dedication, unwavering commitment, and personal experience make him an invaluable asset both to the Fatherly Justice Association and the fathers he serves.

Our organization is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit and our EIN number is 92-3379547. 

We are a tax-exempt organization and any donations made are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.  

Thank you for your support

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